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Here in Houston, we are proud of our vibrant, growing Jewish community. There are many opportunities for growth on every level -spiritually, economically and physically. Unfortunately, the number of families who have difficulty making ends meet is growing as well. Some families find that they are having an increasingly difficult time putting enough food together for Shabbat and Jewish holidays. This is where Tomchei Shabbat of Houston comes in.

Our mission

The mission of Tomchei Shabbat of Houston is simple, we strive to make sure that every Jewish family in Houston has enough food for their weekly Shabbat and Jewish Holiday table. We serve as the middle-men between families in need and those willing to help. This is done on a completely anonymous and volunteer basis.

Who are we?

CFounded in 2005 by Eileen Elfezouaty, Tomchei Shabbat of Houston is a project of Congregation Beth Rambam. Currently directed by Cynthia Helstein, and under the auspices of Rabbi Daniel Masri, Tomchei Shabbat is comprised of a team of dedicated volunteers who donate time and money to get food to the hungry Jews of Houston. With the organization run by volunteers, almost the entire budget is allocated directly to the purchase of food.

Who benefits?

The recipients of Tomchei Shabbat incude single mothers, immigrants, the elderly, the unemployed, the sick and the disabled. It could be a recently widowed woman with a part-time job and several children to feed. It could be a family whose primary breadwinner recently lost a job. It could be you.

How does it work?

Our application and verification process is discrete and private. Applicants are asked to fill out our simple application online. Only one or two members of our verification team have access to all personally – identifying information in an application, so as to allow Tomchei Shabbat to verify the accuracy of the application. Once an applicants information has been accepted, all personal information that could be used to identify an applicant is replaced with a unique identification number to protect each recipients privacy and maintain anonymity.

What do we need?

We need you to volunteer your time to assemble packages of food. We need you to donate money for food. We need you to donate canned foods and bottles of grape juice. We need you.

How to donate?

We at Tomchei Shabbat want to thank you for choosing to support such an important organization. To make a donation click on the donate button above. You can also write a check payable to “Tomchei Shabbat”, and mail it to:
11333 Braesridge Drive, Houston, TX 77071

How to apply?

Fill out the online application below and email it to

Download Tomchei Shabbat Form